Thursday, February 21, 2013

Lunch Treasure Hunt

Treasure hunting is becoming a very popular way to have some fun these days. It is a great way to entertain your children and in these hard economic times, is a very cheap way to entertain them as well. Kids love treasure hunts. You don’t even need an expensive “treasure” for them to find. You can have them hunt for things that they already own or things that they get every day.

A fun, easy treasure hunt you could do with kids is to have a treasure hunt to find their lunch. You have three fun options here. You can do the traditional thing where they would go from place to place, being led by clues, until they find their lunch. But there are a couple of fun variations that you could do with this as well.

One would be to have them find a part of their lunch at each place. Each clue would lead them to a different thing that you need to make their lunch. You could hide each thing around the house like the bread for a sandwich in one place, the peanut butter in another, jelly in another, a bag of chips in another and so on. Then write clues to help them find each thing. You could also just leave the ingredients of the lunch where they normally are rather than hiding them and instead of the clues leading them to the place where they would be hidden, have the clues be about the ingredients. For example, instead of hiding the bread under the bed and having the clue lead them to the bed, you could just have the clue be about bread.

Another fun variation on the lunch treasure hunt is to have the lunch ready and then hide each part. It would kind of be like a progressive dinner. Hide the sandwich in one place, the chips in another, the carrots in another, the fruit snacks in another, and finally the cookie in another. Each clue would lead them to a part of their lunch. Once they found their sandwich, they would eat it there and then follow the clue that they found with their sandwich to the next part of their lunch. They would eat that part, and then go find the next, and so on. Your kids will love it, and probably eat their whole lunch because they can’t go on to the next part until they finish what they have found. You can also really build up the desert so they are super excited to find it. You’ll have them finishing their whole lunch in no time.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Treasure Chest Coloring Pages

Here are a few treasure chest coloring pages to keep those little treasure hunters entertained. Whether they are little pirates, treasure hunters, or just budding artists, they should have fun coloring these treasure chests.