Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Treasure Hunt: HUNT FOR THE TEN - Solution

Here is the solution to the HUNT FOR THE TEN treasure. Enjoy!

Clue and Answer to Coin 1
What has eight legs and sings?
- quartet

Clue and Answer to Coin 2
I am one more than a square but one less than a cube
- 26 (25 is the square, 5x5 and 27 is the cube, 3x3x3)

Clue and Answer to Coin 3
Fill in the missing squares in such a way that the rows, columns, and the two diagonals all add up to the same number. The answer to the clue is the product of all the numbers in the missing boxes.

27x34x17x26x18x33x24 = 5784457536

Clue and answer to coin 4
Complete the sequence
2, 5, 26, 677, ?
458330 (to get the next number in the sequence, square the previous number and then add 1)

Clue and Answer to coin 5
What word, expression, or name is depicted?

- bermuda triangle

Final Clue and Answer

You have made it to the final leg of your hunt
Hopefully you have been able to find the five coins
They will be helpful in solving the final clue to the treasure

tkadj stceh kktbk tkadj stcet ejskt rhkbq lktsk toki

The Key to the cipher is common, to be terse,
No meter, not poetry, nor is it verse

Each of the 5 coins had a letter on it


With these five letters you could spell several words but we were looking for one in particular, the word PROSE.

The definition of PROSE is as follows: the ordinary form of spoken or written language, without metrical structure, as distinguished from poetry or verse.
Hopefully you can see how the clue was describing this word.

Now what to do with it. One of the most important parts of the clue was the first five words, “The Key to the cipher”. This should have been taken literally meaning that the cipher needed a key and was a big hint that the cipher was a key word cipher. The rest of that clue described the “Key” which was PROSE.

Using the word prose the cipher text looks like this

Using this one could decode the cipher to read “to find the loot go to find the ten dot blogspot dot com

Thank you for playing. I hope you had a good time. Stay tuned for our next hunt coming soon!!!

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