Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Treasure Hunt: The Tour Across America - Clue 1

(This Treasure Has Been Found)

The Tour Across America Treasure Hunt has officially begun! There is a $10 bill waiting for someone at the end. For this hunt you will need a treasure map, specifically, this treasure map

You will use it to locate 5 locations across the United States. At each location there is some information that you need to get. Over the next five days clues will be given to each location, one each day. The information that you gather from each location will be crucial in helping you solve the 6th and final clue that leads to the treasure.

Here is your first clue:

Near where Ceres sits atop a golden dome,
In a place where a retired general calls home,
Red, white, and blue lead to a modern horse’s urban oasis,
Out in front how many metered parking spaces?

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