Friday, September 9, 2011

The Treasure Of The Lost Scrolls Solution

Throughout the World Wide Web are hidden four scrolls,
On each scroll are web addresses with holes
Each scroll will help you find the next one,
Until the treasure is found and your search is done.

The treasure you seek is not buried in the ground,
Somewhere on the internet it can be found.
The first scroll will appear when you find the right link in the pic,
It’s a race so hurry, you need to be quick.

The beginning of your hunt is very near,
To see the picture just click here

The link you needed to find in the picture was and was found by clicking on the floating bottle just to the right of the “No Swimming” sign.

On the First Scroll you saw:

The web addresses will take the same form,
A www and dot com is the norm.
The asterisk you see will become something new,
Replace it with the answer you get from each clue.

Clue: The ages of a father and a son add up to 55. The father’s age is the son’s age reversed. How old is the Father?

The answer is 41 so you needed to use the web address

On the Second Scroll you saw:

Clue: The year 1978 has an unusual property: When you add the 19 to the 78, you get 97 – the middle two digits of the year! What will be the next year to have this same property?

The answer is 2307 so you needed to use the web address

On the Third Scroll you saw:

Clue: Complete the next 3 letters in the sequence: eoerex…

The solution to this sequence is that the terms of the series correspond to the last letter of the numbers onE twO threE fouR fivE siX…seveN eighT ninE

The answer is NTE so you needed to use the web address

On the Fourth Scroll you saw:

A prison is composed of sixteen cells. The prisoner in the upper left-hand cell (cell 1) has the key to a trap door in the lower right-hand cell (cell 16). Having decided to escape, he breaks through the wall to the neighboring cell and kills the prisoner within, leaving the body in place. He goes through all of the cells, killing all of the prisoners, but never returns to a cell where there is a dead body. And he manages to escape from prison at the end! Can you work out the number sequence to his murderous route? (the first number will of course be 1)

The trick to solving this puzzle lies in returning to the first cell (which doesn’t contain a dead body) after the first murder…after that there are several successful routes.

The one you needed was 1 2 1 5 9 13 14 10 6 7 3 4 8 12 11 15 16 so you needed to use the web address

Thanks for playing!!!

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