Monday, October 17, 2011

Lost Treasure Legends: Alaska

Go on a real treasure hunt in Alaska to find lost treasure!!!

Lost Treasure of the Alaskan Seal Pirates
In 1892, illegal seal pirates buried approximately 1 million dollars worth of gold coins on the island of Adak. The coins were put into small food tin cans and buried in numerous shallow deposits near the shoreline of the island. Nearly all of the cans have yet to be recovered.

Lost Gold in the St. Elias Mountains
In 1884, three prospectors traveled across the St. Elias Mountains, near the Yukon River. During their journey they came to a small lake where they found the shore literally covered with gold nuggets. They began collecting the nuggets and soon had over 1,000 pounds. They stashed the nuggets in a nearby cave with intentions of returning for them, but in their journey, two were killed by Indians. The third prospector escaped, but he never returned for the gold.

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