Monday, October 17, 2011

Lost Treasure Legends: Arizona

Go on a real treasure hunt in Arizona to find lost treasure!!!

Roy Gardner’s Lost Volcano Treasure
In 1906 a train robber named Roy Gardner began hitting trains in Arizona. The legend goes that he hid approximately $16,000 in gold coins in the cone of an extinct volcano near Flagstaff. He was later captured during a train robbery in 1921 and sent to prison. The stash he hid in the volcano has never been recovered.

The Buried Wagon Train Treasure of Chavez Pass
In 1878 a wagon train was attacked in Chavez Pass 30 miles southwest of Winslow. All but two of the party were killed. The two survivors said all of the valuables and cash of the wagon train were buried the night before the attack near the campsite. Although the remains of the burnt wagons were found, the treasure was never recovered.

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