Monday, October 17, 2011

Lost Treasure Legends: Arkansas

Go on a real treasure hunt in Arkansas to find lost treasure!!!

Lost Spanish Gold of the Ozarks
There is a legend that a large cache of Spanish gold is hidden in a cave in the Ozarks; somewhere just off Highway 59 between Gravette and Sulphur Springs, Arkansas. The cave was in the side of a cliff and nearby stood a large oak tree on which was carved a map.

The Taylor’s Creek Strongbox
In 1890, a lone bandit robbed a stagecoach at Taylor's Creek, Arkansas, 3 miles north of Colt. He took $7,500 in gold coins, in the strongbox, and fled to the east. The posse trailed the man to a point, in the woods, about 1 mile east of the holdup. They found him dead from a bullet wound, the lone shot fired by the stage driver the day before. The strongbox was never found and it is believed to be buried somewhere near where the dead man was found.

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