Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Lost Treasure Legends: Connecticut

Go on a real treasure hunt in Connecticut to find lost treasure!!!

Pirate Chest at Stratford Point
There is an old legend that says a heavy ironbound pirate chest was buried in the sand at Stratford Point in 1699. The story goes that a Negro fisherman witnessed the treasure burial, but was afraid to tell anyone about the incident until many years later. It is believed that the chest was never recovered.

Buried Treasure in Bruce Park
There is a story of a prisoner who was sentenced to a life term in Sing Sing in 1916. The story goes that he admitted to another prisoner that he had buried a cache of stolen loot amounting to $150,000 near a rock south of the upper bridge in Bruce Park which is in Greenwich, Connecticut. Supposedly $50,000 of the cache was in gold coins.

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