Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Lost Treasure Legends: Florida

Go on a real treasure hunt in Florida to find lost treasure!!!

The lost Treasure of Jose Gaspar
The pirate Jose Gaspar buried a large chest of jewels in the middle of a mud pond lake. It is said that to reach this location, start at the southern tip of Placida Island, then go due north through Cape Haze. At this point you turn right and go east one mile until you come to the lake. The reason why this chest has not been recovered and still remains in the lake is that the lake is full of water moccasins.

Pirate Treasure Mound
Indians witnessed an old pirate craft fleeing from a Spanish patrol ship on Pensacola Bay, sailing up the flooded Escambia River in the vicinity of present-day Century. The pirates beached the ship and covered it with sand and rocks in the swamps about 1/2 mile W of the river. Following an old dry channel today, there is a mound nearly 30 feet high and 120 feet long, presumably the covered vessel. In a mound about 1/2 mile N of the ship mound is another mound where treasure is supposed to be buried.

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