Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Lost Treasure Legends: Idaho

Go on a real treasure hunt in Idaho to find lost treasure!!!

The Lost Gold of Robber’s Gulch
The story goes that a band of outlaws robbed a freight wagon carrying $75,000 in miner's gold at a place today known as Robber's Gulch. It is along the Salmon River, about 5 miles South Southwest of White Bird. The bandits hid the gold among the nearby rocks and started toward the rough Seven Devils area. A posse caught up with them in the mountains and all of the robbers were shot before anyone had time to ask them about the loot. The gold was never found.

The Lost Gold of Zak Stoneman
In 1888 a prospector named Zak Stoneman buried 3 burro loads of gold when his mules died after eating poisoned weeds. The story goes that he was North of Priest River and 3 to 4 miles below Priest Lake. When he returned later to recover the gold he was unable to find the right location.

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