Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Lost Treasure Legends: Illinois

Go on a real treasure hunt in Illinois to find lost treasure!!!

The Silver Coins of the Ohio River
After high waters recede each spring, silver dollars dating back to the late 1800s are found along the west bank of the Ohio River near Golconda, Illinois. The coins have continued to wash ashore for many years and local stories say that they come from a wrecked steamboat that was carrying millions in silver.

The Lost Treasure of the Harvey Bailey Gang
In 1931 Harvey J. Bailey and his gang robbed a bank in Lincoln, Nebraska and took over $1 million. In 1933 he was sent to prison for life and refused to tell where his main cache was but it is rumored that he buried it on a farm near Richmond, Illinois, just below the Wisconsin state line.

Lost Treasure of Cave-in-Rock
Cave-in-Rock is one of the most famous treasure hunting spots in Illinois. It is located along the Ohio River in Hardin County, Illinois. For about 90 years between the 1790s and the 1870s the area was home to many river pirates, horse thieves, counterfeiters, and highwaymen. In 1800, the Mason gang was rumored to have hidden a large stash of gold at Cave-in-Rock, but Samuel Mason was beheaded after he was caught on the Spanish side of the Mississippi River with $7000 and 20 human scalps. Aside from Mason’s horde, there are supposed to be dozens of stashes of gold and sliver all along the cliff face.

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