Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Lost Treasure Legends: Indiana

Go on a real treasure hunt in Indiana to find lost treasure!!!

Buried Treasure of John Dillinger
In 1933 John Dillinger robbed the Unity Trust & Savings Bank of Chicago and made of with about $76,000 in cash as well as $175,000 in negotiable bonds, and at least $300,000 in jewelry, all stripped from safety deposit boxes. It is said that the loot was buried in a field on his father's small 10-acre produce farm just outside Mooresville, Indiana.

The Oak Tree Treasure
Legends claim that a band of Gulf Coast pirates, traveling north along the White River in the 1820s, buried a cache of gold coins on a bluff east of Freedom. They marked the spot by driving a sword into an oak tree. They never returned for the treasure.

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