Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Lost Treasure Legends: Iowa

Go on a real treasure hunt in Iowa to find lost treasure!!!

Banditti of the Plains Treasure
In the 1800s there was a gang of outlaws and cattle rustlers known as the Banditti of the Plains. They were headquartered near the mouth of the Boone River. It is believed that they buried their loot in an ancient Indian mound located in the immediate area and never recovered the cache. The mound is covered by a thick growth of oak trees and is located near the John Lott Monument.

Thomas Nelson Treasure
Thomas Nelson was a Soldier of fortune and came to Cerro Gordo County in 1884. He took a job at the Wheeler Ranch. It was said that he brought with him a large quantity of gold coins and word soon spread of his wealth. Fearing that he would be robbed, he buried the hoard somewhere on the Winnebago River between the Wheeler Ranch and the Horseshoe Bend area in a 3-foot deep hole. The story goes that he was never able to locate the exact spot again and so the cache remains buried in the ground.

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  1. Where did you find the source for the Banditti Of The Plains Treasure?