Friday, October 21, 2011

Lost Treasure Legends: Louisiana

Go on a real treasure hunt in Louisiana to find lost treasure!!!

The LaBleau Plantation Treasure
The pirate Jean LaFitte and his band used a barn on the old LeBleau Plantation, 5 miles west of the town of Iowa, Louisiana, as a meeting place. Legends also say that they buried treasure here that was never recovered.

The Treasure at Grand Coteau
Around 1800, the wealthy Gabriel Fuselier de la Claire built a plantation home at Grand Coteau. During the Civil War his grandson buried a fortune worth $500,000. Union troops burned the plantation and the cache was never recovered.


  1. i eventually found the plantation stash of gold and silverware and guns and door knobs in grand coteau in 2005 after 3-months looking with my detector!!!! i will remain independant and not relate my name as folks want more info. and that will not be the case here for obvious reasons!!! but ,rest assured the treasure was very large and at my warehouse labratory and estimated at$ 867,000.00 -so good luck you future hunters--ITS GONE!!!!! god bless-frank

  2. If that's the truth congratulations.but if you really found the treasure you would have told the world.i know I would is a historical find and I would definetly want the world too hear andof it and see it...

  3. He's full of it. Doorknobs. LOL