Friday, October 21, 2011

Lost Treasure Legends: Maine

Go on a real treasure hunt in Maine to find lost treasure!!!

The Lost Treasure of Samuel Bellamy
Probably the greatest pirate treasure awaiting recovery in the U.S. today was secreted by the pirates Samuel "Black" Bellamy and his partner Paulsgrave Williams. In 1716, the pirates constructed elaborate fortifications and a colony on both sides of the Machias River, exactly where Highway 1-A now crosses the river in Machias Township. Near these fortifications they constructed a vast, intricate underground chamber to be used as a treasure vault. Rumored to be in the vault are 180 bags of gold, each weighing 50 lbs. Also a store of gold ingots, silver coins, gems and ivory taken from the captured vessel Whidah were put in this vault. The pirates and crew were killed in a storm that wrecked both of their ships. The vault has yet to be discovered.

The Skowhegan Falls Treasure
Legends say a large cache of gold coins and bullion is supposedly buried in the vicinity of Skowhegan Falls on the Kennebec River at the fork of Highways 201 & 201A. The treasure was buried by a pirate in the 1720s.

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