Saturday, October 22, 2011

Lost Treasure Legends: Minnesota

Go on a real treasure hunt in Minnesota to find lost treasure!!!

The Ma Barker Treasure

During the 1930s Ma Barker and the Alvin Karpis gang obtained a $200,000 ransom. It was buried somewhere along a 10-mile stretch between Chatfield and Rochester, Minnesota along old State Highway 52. They buried $150,000 in $5 and $10 bills under a fence post in a canvas wrapped metal box. They were gunned down in a Florida shootout and the cache was never recovered.

Old Soldiers Treasure
During the Civil War a settler buried $5,000 in gold coins on the west bank of the Mississippi River near what is now the south city limits of Minneapolis. He could never relocate the cache and now the property is owned by the State and is on the grounds of the Minnesota Old Soldiers Home.

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