Monday, October 24, 2011

Lost Treasure Legends: New Mexico

Go on a real treasure hunt in New Mexico to find lost treasure!!!

The Lost Treasure of Three Rocks
Three days out of Santa Fe, New Mexico, on the way to Independence, Missouri, 25 bags of gold coins were buried by freighters under attack. One escaped, but died after telling his story. The cache was buried between Ute Park and Cimarron, in the area of 3 large rocks, one of which was "half as large as a house".

The Lost Cave of Gold
Legend tells of a cave, filled with a pile of gold Spanish coins literally knee deep, lies on a steep east canyon wall from a ravine on the exact Mexico-New Mexico border west of Columbia. Known to an Apache Indian, who removed several hundred coins in the 1950s, the exact location was lost when he was killed in an auto accident.

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