Monday, October 24, 2011

Lost Treasure Legends: New York

Go on a real treasure hunt in New York to find lost treasure!!!

The Moses Follensby Treasure
In the early 1800s, an old hermit named Moses Follensby buried a cache of gold and silver coins worth $400,000. It is said to have been buried somewhere near the cabin that he built at the north end of Follensby Pond, near where Follensby Branch enters the small lake. The cabin was near the brooks entrance into the pond "in the rear of the blunt headland." The site is a few miles southwest of Tupper Lake in New York.

Blenheim Mountain Treasure
Legends say that the early Indians have cached a great deal of treasure on Blenheim Mountain in New York near its peak. Quite often the Indians would raid the white settlements and the valuables that they stole are what is said to have been cached on the mountain.

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