Monday, October 24, 2011

Lost Treasure Legends: North Dakota

Go on a real treasure hunt in North Dakota to find lost treasure!!!

Lost Gold on the Knife River
Sixteen successful miners, returning from the Montana gold fields in 1864, pulled their boat ashore at a point where the Knife River enters the Missouri near the town of Stanton, North Dakota. Anticipating they would be camped here for several days, the $200,000 in accumulated gold was taken ashore and buried. A band of Indians massacred all of the miners except one, who was out hunting. Not knowing where the gold was buried, he was not able to find the gold.

Buried Gold at Fort Dilts
An 80-wagon train was besieged by Indians in 1864 near the Montana border town of Fort Dilts. Many of the travelers were killed in the 14-day siege and at least 4 members of the party are known to have buried their money and valuables at the beginning of the assault. One of the men buried $40,000 in gold coins. The solid fortifications of their last defense can still be seen.

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