Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Lost Treasure Legends: Oklahoma

Go on a real treasure hunt in Oklahoma to find lost treasure!!!

Civil War Gold Near the Blue River
During the Civil War 4 kegs of gold coins were captured from 2 Federal wagons by Confederates during a skirmish in Kansas. The rebels were attacked by outlaws in Oklahoma and the gold coins were hidden in a cave close to the Blue River about 5 miles NE of Brown. The Confederates were murdered by the outlaws and the coins remain hidden.

Lost Gold Near Mount Scott
In the early 1900s three outlaws made off with $40,000 in gold coins during a Wichita bank robbery and headed off for the Wichita Mountains. They skirmished with some Indians and one of the bandits was killed and their horses were stolen. After burying the gold, one of the outlaws killed the other to keep the gold himself, only to be captured in Marlow shortly afterward. In his attempt to escape, he was badly wounded and, before he died, confessed that the gold was cached in the rocks SW of Mount Scott.

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