Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Lost Treasure Legends: South Carolina

Go on a real treasure hunt in South Carolina to find lost treasure!!!

The Middleton Treasure
The Middleton Plantation was located on the Ashley River, 14 miles NW of Charleston in 1741. During the Civil War Middleton buried a large cache of money and valuables somewhere on the grounds and died trying to defend his property. The Yankees destroyed the mansion and the treasure went unrecovered.

The Treasure of Captain Huck
In a surprise raid in 1780, the Patriots attacked the Williamson Plantation, about 4 miles east of McConnells and killed the notorious Captain Huck and his band of Tory raiders. The Tories had accumulated a large store of plunder in a period of 5 years of raiding, and it is believed that the hoard was buried somewhere on the plantation grounds and never recovered.

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