Thursday, October 27, 2011

Lost Treasure Legends: Vermont

Go on a real treasure hunt in Vermont to find lost treasure!!!

Stolen Gold From the San Jose

In 1752, 4 Spanish deserters, from the galleon San Jose, made off with 80,000 gold doubloons. The party was attacked by Indians who killed their pack horses. The gold was buried in a space between 2 giant rocks in the area known today as Hell's Half Acre near Bristol, Vermont.

Lost Treasure of Smuggler’s Notch
It is said that if all of the loot reportedly cached, hidden or buried in the caves at Smuggler's Notch, south of the villages of Jeffersonville and Cambridge in Vermont, was found, it would take a dozen semi-trucks to haul it all away. Almost every thief, counterfeiter and smuggler in the area in the 1800s used this area as a hideout and storage place at one time or another.

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