Saturday, October 29, 2011

Lost Treasure Legends: Virginia

Go on a real treasure hunt in Virginia to find lost treasure!!!

Lost Gold of McIntosh Farm
During the Civil War a Confederate general and some slaves concealed more than $4 million in gold coins and bullion on the McIntosh Farm, about 1 mile south of Forest and a few miles west of Lynchburg in Virginia. One version states that the gold was thrown into a deep well that was then filled in, and in another version the gold was buried near a barn and the slaves killed to keep the location a secret.

Lost Treasure of the Confederate Treasury
Three million dollars in gold, silver plate, jewelry and other valuables was contributed by patriotic southerners to the Confederate Treasury in Richmond, Virginia, during the Civil War. A band of guerillas killed the guards and fled with the hoard. They got as far as the James River, where it is believed they buried the hoard. All 12 members were killed by pursuing troops and the loot was not recovered.

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