Saturday, October 29, 2011

Lost Treasure Legends: West Virginia

Go on a real treasure hunt in West Virginia to find lost treasure!!!

The Moishe Edelman Treasure
The miser-peddler Moishe Edelman died in 1933 in West Virginia of a heart attack. Before he died, he left a map to a doctor showing the site where "thousands of dollars in coins are hidden in 4 chests." The directions on the map read: "Go along the hard road until you reach Fry. Go toward the settlement of Leet, across the mountain from Fry. At Leet, Laurel Fork Creek empties into the Big Ugly River. Go up Laurel Fork for a mile or two until you reach a large rock. Directly across the road from the rock, in a small bend of the creek, are the chests of coins. Dig along the banks." The doctor, and many others, failed to locate the hoard.

Island-In-The-Sky Treasure
In the late 1800s bandits who robbed travelers and payroll trains used a cave near a place called Island-In-The-Sky in Babcock State Park south of Lookout. It is believed that loot of this gang is buried somewhere in or near this cave hideout.

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