Saturday, October 29, 2011

Lost Treasure Legends: Wyoming

Go on a real treasure hunt in Wyoming to find lost treasure!!!

Gypsum Creek Treasure
In the 1800s two outlaws robbed a Salt Lake City, Utah bank of $200,000 and fled, crossing into Wyoming along the Big Horn River. Pursuing lawmen overtook them near the mouth of Gypsum Creek where the two outlaws were killed in a gun battle. It is believed the outlaws buried the loot in the immediate vicinity and the posse never found it.

Stolen Army Payroll
In the 1860s a band of outlaws robbed an army paymaster, on his way to Fort Fetterman, of $40,000 and fled into the mountains south of Glenrock, Wyoming. A cavalry detachment tracked the bandits and cornered them, and in the ensuing gun battle, all were killed. Before dying, one of the gang confessed that the loot was buried near a cave far up Deer Creek where they had made camp. A search was made, but the treasure was not found.

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