Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Treasure Hunt Clues For Around The House

Need to hide some treasure? Want some help with some treasure hunt clues for kids? If you are putting together a treasure hunt and need some clues for places around the house you’ve come to the right spot. Most of these clues would be great for children as they are not too difficult. All of them are rhyming clues related to common places or things that you would find around the house. Many of the clues could refer to the place where you keep the items, for instance the dishes clue might lead to a clue hidden in the cupboard where you store your dishes. Also feel free to modify the clues a bit to make them more personal and fit your home if you want. Hopefully these treasure hunt clues will help you create some fantastic treasure hunts for your children...and make it a little easier on you. If you can think of other common places around the house that you would like to see clues for let me know in the comments and I'll see if I can get some written.

You'll find a clue with tools used to eat
Hurry now your hunt is almost complete.

A clue to find where you keep things cold
Where to go next is what you'll be told.

To find this clue put on your thinking cap
It's where you might sit or even nap.

It has two hands, they are always straight
Pointing sometimes at three and sometimes at eight.

Here you see drama, comedy, even the news,
Watch so many things, how will you choose.

Letters, a screen, and even a mouse,
look around, you'll find it somewhere in the house.

When it gets late and you turn out the light
This is the place you'll be found each night.

You’ll need to think hard to solve the next clue
Find a covering for your foot, but it’s not a shoe.

Soap and water but it doesn’t clean hands
Used with Tide, Cheer, and many other brands.

When your clothes are wet this comes in handy
for hiding clues it’s also dandy.

Turn up the heat it will help you bake
Cookies, casseroles, even a cake.

Your bread goes away but it will return
Don’t leave it too long or it will burn.

Family Picture
A place where you’ll find that the family all came
together as one behind glass in a frame.

A place where water falls down like rain
after it falls on you it goes down the drain.

Under Kitchen Sink
Under where you get dishes clean
if you do them by hand and not by machine.

This machine spins food and drink around
When it is on it makes a very loud sound.

Without this summer wouldn’t be very nice
we wouldn’t have Popsicles or water with ice.

Dinner Table
Your looking for something that can circles or squares
It’s usually made of wood and is surrounded by chairs.

Chairs at the Dinner Table
You sit here when you want to eat food
keep your elbows of the table you don’t want to be rude.

DVD player
Slide a disc in and watch a movie or two
This is where you will find your next clue.

It provides heat and also some light
it’s where you’ll find wood that’s burning bright.

They’re round and flat and used to hold food
that is, until all our food has been chewed.

To find the next clue, you’ll have to think
you’ll use one of these if you need a drink.

To locate the next clue you’ll need to use your mind
A book about ______ is what you’ll need to find.

Peanut Butter
You put it on sandwiches with jam or jelly
It’s good on a spoon, but better in your belly.

Potato Chips
These can be a great crunchy snack
Eat them with dip or put them in your lunch sack.

Use this to remove from your hair grease and dirt
It comes out of a bottle with a squeeze and a squirt.

This with some paste can remove plaque
if you don’t use it enough your teeth may turn black.

Where you keep pens or pencils
To find the next clue would be a delight
It’s near tools you might use to draw or to write.

A metal box with numbers is usually the norm
For this thing that helps us get our food warm.

From the screen to the paper is what this does
Picture or print where a blank page once was.

Where you keep your keys
They let you in or start your car
Without these you wouldn’t get very far.

With out this at you all would stare
It will help you keep control of your hair.

You often use this to finish your chores
It sucks up the dirt right off of the floors.

If you like to look nice, you use this a lot
It gets wrinkles out and is often quite hot.

Telephone book
Now find the next clue, no time to play games
look for a book full of numbers and names.

Garbage can
If you think a bit you’ll find this clue in a flash
It’s full of old papers, chewed gum, and trash.

Here you’ll find keys, but they won’t start cars,
you’ll also find books with notes written on bars.

You’ll lay your head here when your about to count sheep,
It often gets fluffed before you go to sleep.

Cereal Cupboard
The next clues location I’m about to disclose
look where you might find Chex or maybe Cheerios.


  1. My 8 year old Loves Treasure hunts around the house, but after doing it so many times i was running out of Clues. This will keep me going for a Long time, Thanks so much :)

  2. Thanks soooo much for posting. My girls love a treasure hunt but my mind can't create what you have here!!

  3. Oh, so awesome! Thanks so much!

  4. THANK YOU!!!!! After years of treasure hunts, I was out of ideas and inspiration!! You're a lifesaver!

  5. This is great! I am doing a "quest" with my preschool tomorrow morning and these clues were such help.

  6. Elevator top floor - I go down and up for sure. Come beyond which you cannot go anymore.

  7. Thank you. We do treasure hunts for our Easter candy. This helps a lot since I have run out of clues!!

  8. Awesome, it gave me plenty of ideas for the hunt around my house������

  9. thank you for sharing this for a new year scavenger hunt for my boys.

  10. Brilliant thanks. Love the rhyming, and will have these littlies thinking for a bit :)

  11. Brilliant thanks. Love the rhyming, and will have these littlies thinking for a bit :)