Friday, December 9, 2011

Treasure Hunt Riddles For Around The House

If you are making a treasure hunt and are looking for some good treasure hunt clues for around the house, look no further. These are all in traditional "what am I" riddle form. Some of them are fairly easy and some are much more difficult. If you are looking for easy rhyming clues for kids you should check out our treasure hunt clues for around the house easy rhyming clue page.

This isn't your traditional riddle page. It's not built to let you read the riddle and try to figure it out. I've listed the answer right above the riddle. This is so that you can quickly scan the riddles and find things or places that you may have around your house that you could use as hiding places for clues or treasure. Hopefully this will help you be able to make your treasure hunt easier, quicker, and with less work. ENJOY!

Things You Might Find Inside the House

An arrow
I have many feathers to help me fly.
I have a body and head, but I'm not alive.
It is your strength which determines how far I go.
You can hold me in your hand, but I'm never thrown.
What am I?

A time when they’re green, a time when they’re brown,
But both of these times, cause me to frown.
But just in between, for a very short while,
They’re perfect and yellow, and cause me to smile!
What am I talking about here?

Boats sail the high seas in me,
But not a man is lost at sea!
My shores are shiny and slick,
But my waters won’t make you sick!

A Bed
I have a head but never weep,
I have a foot but never walk,
You come to me for what you need.
What has a head and a foot but no body?

A Book
I have no voice and yet I speak to you.
I tell of all things in the world that people do.
I have leaves but I am not a tree.
I have pages but I am not a bride or royalty.
I have a spine and hinges but I am not a man or a door.
I have told you all, I cannot tell you more.
What Am I?

A broom
I have a many legs, but cannot stand.
I have a long neck, but I have no head.
I cannot walk and I cannot see
But I keep things neat and tidy as can be.
What am I?

Little Nanny Etticoat
In a white petticoat,
And a long red nose;
The longer she stands
The shorter she grows.
My life can be measured in hours,
I serve by being devoured.
Thin, I am quick
Fat, I am slow
Wind is my foe.
My life can be measured in hours,
I serve by being devoured.
Thin, I am quick
Fat, I am slow
Wind is my foe.
What am I?

What goes up and down stairs without moving?

What has arms but can't hug?
I have two arms and four legs. I am not a person. What am I?

Black within and red without;
Four corners around about.

A Clock
This thing runs but cannot walk, sometimes sings but never talks.
Lacks arms, has hands; lacks a head but has a face.
What Am I?
What has a face but no head?

A dictionary

I'm where yesterday follows today, and tomorrow's in the middle. What am I?

An egg
What has to be broken before it can be used?
A container without hinges, lock or a key, yet a golden treasure lies inside me.
What am I?
In a marble hall white as milk
Lined with skin as soft as silk
Within a fountain crystal-clear
A golden apple doth appear.
No doors there are to this stronghold,
Yet thieves break in to steal its gold.

I have hands that wave at you,
Though I never say goodbye.
It's cool for you to be with me,
Especially when I say, "HI."
What am I?

Feed me and I Live
Give me Drink and I Die
What Am I?
No legs have I to dance,
No lungs have I to breathe,
No life have I to live or die
And yet I do all three.
What am I?
Give it food and it will live;
give it water and it will die.
What am I?
I am always hungry,
I must always be fed,
The finger I lick
Will soon turn red.

When I am filled,
I can point the way;
When I am empty,
Nothing moves me.
I have two skins,
One without and one within.
What am I?
As I walked along the path I saw something with four fingers and one thumb, but it was not flesh, fish, bone, or fowl.
What do you fill with empty hands?
What has fingers but can't type?
I have no feather, nor flesh, nor scales, nor bones. But I have fingers and thumbs of my own. What am I?

A Jigsaw Puzzle Piece
I come in different shapes and sizes.
Part of me are curves, others are straight.
You can put me anywhere you like, but there is only one right place for me.
What am I?

A kitchen strainer
Big as a biscuit, deep as a cup, Even a river can't fill it up. What is it?

I shine, I wear a hat, and have a tail. What am I?
(A Lamp; the bulb shines, the hat is the lamp shade and the tail is the power cord)

A Lock
It doesn't bark, it doesn't bite but still won't let you in a house. What is it?

A Match
Take out and scratch my head, I am now black but once was red.

I look at you, you look at me, I raise my right, you raise your left. What am I?
What turns everything around, but does not move?

Needle and thread
Old Mother Twitchett had but one eye,
And a long tail which she let fly;
And every time she went over a gap,
She left a bit of her tail in a trap.
I had but one eye and a long tail which I let fly;
Every time I went through a gap, a bit of her tail I left in a trap
What Am I?
An iron horse with a flaxen tail.
The longer the horse runs,
the shorter his tail becomes.
What is it?

You use a knife to slice my head and weep beside me when I am dead. What am I?
Take off my skin, I won't cry, but you will. What am I?

A piano
I am a box that holds keys without locks, yet my keys can unlock your deepest senses.
What am I?

Piggy bank
My body has a dozen heads or more,
My tails don’t wag when you walk in the door.
Count the ways you can hold me tight,
Or use me for a special night!

What makes a loud noise when changing its jacket, becomes larger but weighs less?

What has eyes but can't see?
What has a skin and more eyes than one? It's very nice when it is done.

A ring
It has no top or bottom but it can hold flesh, bones, and blood all at the same time. What is it?

I run over fields and woods all day. Under the bed at night I sit not alone. My tongue hangs out, up and to the rear, awaiting to be filled in the morning. What am I?

A sponge
I have holes on the top and bottom. I have holes on my left and on my right. And I have holes in the middle, yet I still hold water. What am I?
I have holes in my top and bottom, my left and right, and also in my middle. But I can still hold water.
What am I?

A Stamp
What goes around the world and stays in a corner?

A Stapler
With pointed fangs it sits in wait,
With piercing force it doles out fate,
Over bloodless victims proclaiming its might,
Eternally joining in a single bite.
What am I?

What has legs but can't walk?

What starts with a T, ends with a T, and has T in it?
I start with a T, end with a T, and have T in me.
What am I?

A telephone
You answer me, although I never ask you questions. What am I?

A telephone book
What book was once owned by only the wealthy, but now everyone can have it? You can't buy it in a bookstore or take it from the library, it is usually given to you.

A tennis ball
What do you serve that you can't eat?

What gets wetter and wetter the more it dries?

A Watermelon
There was a green house.
Inside the green house there was a white house
Inside the white house there was a red house.
Inside the red house there were lots of babies.
What am I?

A yardstick

What has a foot on each side and one in the middle?

Things You Might Find Outside the house Or In the yard


What one word has the most letters in it?

I have a bark, but I have no bite. I'm rarely still, but I never wander. What am I?
In spring I am gay in handsome array
In Summer more clothing I wear
When colder it grows I fling off my clothes
and in winter quite naked appear.
What Am I?
I am mother and father, but never birth or nurse. I'm rarely still, but I never wander. What am I?
Reaching stiffly for the sky,
I bare my fingers when it's cold
In warmth I wear an emerald glove
And in between I dress in gold

A See-Saw
I go up but at the same time go down,
Up toward the sky and down toward the ground.
I’m present tense and past tense too,
Come for a ride just me and you.
What Am I?


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